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From The Plaza Hotel to Central Park, Where to have your kids birthday party in NYC!

I often get asked about kids’ birthday parties! So I thought I would give you some suggestions about places we have used or places we have attended a party in NYC.

Of course, if the weather is good then nothing is easier and cheaper than an outdoor party, if you have your own outdoor space or your building shares a communal outdoor space that is a good place to start.

Another warm-weather option is a public park or playgrounds like Central Park, Riverside Park or Prospect Park. To have a party in a public park you officially need a permit and you can not erect tables or chairs! My suggestion is to invite your friends to one of the many playgrounds inside the park and have a ‘play date’, not a party! To find out the official rules on NYC parks permits you can visit the website NYC Parks.

However, for the majority of the year, we need to move the birthday parties indoors and most of us don’t want 10 or more kids in our apartment, especially as the kids get older. Here is a great list of go-to party options:

1. Chuck E Cheese: My favorite location for a party for many reasons: – The kids love it because there are plenty of games & little rides for all ages. – It’s cheap, with packages starting at $19.95 per kid inc. gameplay, pizza, goody bag. – They take care of everything, you just turn up! Parties are 2 hours. There are locations in Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, Long Island, and Upstate NY.

2. NY Kids club & Kidville: Both companies run a very similar format for the parties and have locations all over the city. They are best for kids aged 2-7yrs. They both offer a soft play/ gym type area, dancing, an art project plus cake and party food. Packages start at $600 for 10 guests.

3. Chelsea Piers: If your kid loves sport you can have a great party here. There is gym, ice skating, soccer, basketball, rock climbing etc. They offer playtime with an instructor and then cake and party food time. A basic package starts at $700 for 10 guests.

4. Brooklyn Children’s Museum: Kids will enjoy activities like meeting friendly reptiles, learning about their natural habitats or adventuring together on a scavenger hunt that features hands-on exhibits with a play grocery store and pizza parlor, plus time for party food and cake. It’s best for kids aged 1–10. Package start from $850 and include museum entry for all guests.

5. CMOM – Children’s Museum of Manhattan: Your little one can choose a theme from Dora the explorer, super heros etc. Regardless of theme selections, all little ones will enjoy hands-on projects, a delicious Magnolia Bakery birthday cake, goodie bags, and other fun amenities. This place is best for ages Ages 1–5. Packages start at $1300.

6. Art Farm: Located on the Upper East Side and there are lots of different themes, but the big draw card here is the Exotic Animal Party (for ages 4–8), where party-goers include snakes, lizards, and other unique creatures! This place is best for ages 1–10. Package start from $1500.

7.NY Elite gym: There are 3 locations including the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, and Tribeca. The party includes a fun gym session, a big inflatable castle with a slide, ball foam pit, and time for cake!

8. Bounce U: Located in Brooklyn. The package includes a private trampoline bounce area, giant inflatables, pizza, cake. For 2 hours of fun, packages start at $595.

9. Eloise at the Plaza Hotel: My daughter loves the Eloise books and would love to have a party here, with high tea with fancy tea cups, dress up time and total cuteness all round. But the price tag is hefty. Packages start at $1500 for 8 guests! Hence i will do our own

tea party at home!

10. Be Creative at home - we did a 'spa day' for my 6 yr old daughters birthday, with nail painting, hair braids, cucumber on the eyes etc and the girls loved it and it was inexpensive!

Good luck planning your loved ones party, i hope this list helps.

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