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Keeping Kids Busy Whilst Staying at Home

Firstly, how are all the Mum's and Dads feeling? This is a stressful time for everyone, but in particular parents and families living in New York City, the epicenter of COVID 19 in the USA. Majority of us in the city, living in apartments which no longer have access to our buildings amenities like gyms, outdoor decks, playrooms, rooftops, pools etc All the things that usually make life in an apartment more livable. Keeping all that in mind and understanding most of us are home schooling and working from home ourselves, here are a list of activities, apps etc that may help keep the kids busy (and give parents a break ) during these difficult times.

  1. The Children’s museum of Manhattan Has an online Series; CMOM at Home, which has a great array of FREE kids activities for babies through to 8yrs., different art projects, dance moves etc. They update the website daily and you can sign up for daily email with links to loads of fun activities.

2. Ballet classes - For all the little ballerina’s ABT -American Ballet Theater school is offering free online classes via instagram; Tots - 2-4yr Tue and Thur 10am EST Primary 5-8yrs Mon & Wed 2pm EST

3. Coding for Kids - I'm sure you are like me and your kids want to spend all their time on Ipad playing roblox or minecraft, but lets get them coding instead. There are loads of options, but here are a few free or lost cost options. My kids have used a few of these through school and continued to use them outside of school because it is 'FUN'!, Scratch, kodable, khan acadamy, code monster, minecraft education

4.The Cat in the Hat Invents has a STEM based fun program that is free. Best for Pre School aged kids.

5.National Geographic kids - explore the world through fun games, quiz activities

6.Lets get Active, fun indoor exercises for the kids that adults can do too! Go Noodle,

7 minute workout (YouTube has free options), Just Dance (you can also access free classes on YouTube) YouTube also has some great exercise challenges including TeenTitans, Superheros, etc Cosmic kids Yoga another good one on YouTube.

Some easy activities that are not on a computer include: Balloon ball tennis, dance party, clean up race, hallway bowling, pillow fight, build a fort. If you have an outdoor space then kick or throw the ball, running races, tag, ride a bike. ( All these outdoor activities while social distancing if in public space.)

Also I wanted to remind all the parents, no one is expecting you to replace your children's teachers, lets set ourselves realistic goals and remember everyone is in the same situation and no one child is learning more or less than your child in this pandemic. Do what you can do and also find time to relax, (meditate or self-care time) and spend time with your kids doing family games, watching movies and just chatting and enjoying the time you have together.

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