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Fun, Free Holiday Activities for Kids in New York

It feels like only yesterday that I was writing a blog post last year covering the festive season in New York with kids and while that blog post is still relevant, I have found a few new fun activities to add to the growing list of amazing things to keep the kids busy during this magical time in New York.

My best find this season, which is entirely FREE and offers hours of entertainment, is a visit to Bloomingdales. We have been twice already and it is not even mid-December! As tempting as it might be to sneak off to the shoe department, there are so many great activities for the kids that I have not had a chance to shop in store for myself...yet!

Here's what you can do at Bloomingdales:

  1. The Christmas "Grinch" themed windows are great and they even have a karaoke window with real working microphones that allows kids to sing along to the Christmas carols while everyone on Lexington Ave listens to your little angels.

  2. There's free ice skating inside the store at the "pop up ice rink" in the Ralph Lauren men's department. It is not actually ice, but something similar that requires real ice skates and is just as challenging as being on real ice but you don't get wet when you fall. Genius and did I mention it is FREE. Ice skates are provided.

  3. Relax with a complimentary hot Chocolate from Ralph's Pop up Hot Chocolate stand next to the ice rink.

  4. Still on the men's clothing floor is a virtual reality ride where kids sit in little pods and are whisked away on Santa's sleigh through the magic of amazing technology. My son loved this 3 min ride through the North Pole.

  5. You can visit Santa on level 6 and have your photo taken. There was no queue when we were there on a Sunday, which was surprising.

  6. You will also find a gorgeous life-size gingerbread house full of candy that you can sit in and drool over on the eighth floor.

It is definitely worth making your way to Bloomingdales to enjoy these fun activities and potentially fit in a bit of holiday shopping as well! These events are open until 31 Dec 2018.

Another free activity is to visit the amazing Holiday Markets at Union Square, Bryant Park and Columbus Circle. These markets actually sell quality gifts and are a perfect way to spend an afternoon strolling around with a cup of hot chocolate.

Finally, no Christmas in New York is complete without visiting the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center and the 5th Ave Holiday Window displays at SAKs, Tiffany's & Bergdorf Goodman.

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